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Home Sales Drop in South Florida

The entire world has suffered from the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Florida was not spared. Home sales in Miami-Dade and Broward counties dropped by nearly 40% in April 2020 according to the Miami Herald. Open houses and viewings were postponed contributing to the impact of this pandemic. Projections show that sales activity should increase in the coming months, so it's time to get ready to ramp back up and revamp the way you see your business. What will you do to accommodate your clients? As the climate has changed both buyers and sellers may not be comfortable touring a home and so it is important to come up with new ideas for attracting them to your listings.

This is where I come in. Photographs, videos, and 360 degree tours can keep your Real Estate business on track. Although none of this technology is new, it is being used more widely given the new circumstances. Open houses may become non-existent in the near future and technology will help buyers dwindle down their options to the few they are comfortable visiting. Your clients will appreciate the extensive professional photos and videos you post allowing them to by-pass an initial in-home visit. A virtual tour can help buyers get a really good idea of what the property looks like, and may be the closest thing to an in-person viewing. All of the resources will get your viewers attention and provide a first impression to motivate buyers to come view your property and close the deal.

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